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Microcurrent Facials An essential tool that firms, tightens, and strengthens skin.

Our Technology

Carla is proud to offer her clients the same amazing healing technology used by professional athletes, celebrities, and elite aestheticians the world over: microcurrent treatment. Carla uses the finest microcurrent machine available to give you the healing and long-lasting rejuvenation we’re all looking for.

The Neurotris SX-3800 facial toning microcurrent system features “Platinum Nano” next-generation microcurrent technology. The output power plant of the SX-3800 uses four output signal generators yielding immediate results that are permanent with maintenance treatments. Other machines use only one channel. Expected benefits are: Improved facial and neck muscle tone, lifted jowls and eyebrows, reduction and elimination of fine lines and wrinkles, improved facial circulation, skin exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, product penetration, improving sun damaged skin and skin pigmentation, and much more.

The SX3800: Amazing results from one treatment, permanent results after a series.

Deluxe Microcurrent Facial

This treatment decreases fine lines, wrinkles, builds and tones muscle, increases collagen and elastin. Within one treatment your face will have more of a lift and less fine lines along with balanced pigment due to increased circulation.

Included is an enzyme mask, steam, face massage, and extractions.  Ending with a neck massage.


Microcurrent Facial

This 4 independent multi-signal micro current outperforms any other system on the market. It is a Non Surgical face lift which will tone and lift your muscles. This relaxing facial will soften fine lines, wrinkles, promotes collagen and elastin, great for the circulation while speeding up the ATP.


* For best results treatments are performed once to twice a week for a series of 6-10 treatments @ $190 each

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‘As a health care professional who routinely wears a mask, I suffer from redness around my mouth. No amount of cleansing or facials could get rid of it. In the Fall I started a treatment with the Microcurrent, and since that time the redness is completely gone. My skin looks even and I don’t have to worry about what I called “mask mouth”. My fine lines have diminished especially under my eyes and between my eyebrows. I am more than impressed with the results and my employees and patients also remark on my youthful appearance.’

-Jennifer D.D.S.

‘I have had the Microcurrent Facial 5 times, and can definitely see the difference in my fine lines, and even the deep ones between my eyebrows. I had a red roseola type rash on the left side of my neck, which was quite noticeable almost disappear. My complexion has evened out, and I will be scheduling more of these facials in the future. I’ve never had a facial that did so much in so little time. Thanks, Carla.’

-Kathy Freel RN, BSN, MA

‘I am a fair-skinned blonde Californian. Now over 40, I noticed my skin was starting to sag and expression lines were everywhere. The first time Carla Martino treated me with the MC SX 3800 machine, I could feel the tingling in my face during the treatment. The results were instant- I had a glow, and looked both simultaneously lifted and relaxed. The “you look great!” look. After a second treatment, I saw more lifting, particularly around the eye area. My fine lines also looked plumped. The best part was that unlike treatments I had tried at the dermatologists’ office, there was no risk of bruising or looking unnatural. I will definitely continue to see Carla for Microcurrent Facials- both as a pick-me-up before an event, and for continued treatments to fight the signs of aging.’